Thursday, August 3, 2017

Summer Garden Tour

We've had a lot of rain in May and June
and this past month, 
it's been very dry.

Enjoy my little garden tour.

A garden path 

A wooden pink flamingo under the willow tree

I started from seed last year

 Peach Lily

 My tiny garden
made with broken terracotta pots,
2 yrs. ago.
and surrounded with sea brick pieces

A closer look



 Shieldleaf in flower

A collage of Day Lilies 

Yellow fountain with golden marguerites.

A nautical corner with
things I collected from the beach

Tea Roses


Red Currants

Golden Marguerite

Made with painted rocks
Lady bugs and bumble bees

In the Gazebo
 A chandelier made with 
tiny solar mini lights 
in a wire flower pot.
with a glimpse of the setting sun.

Paper lanterns

Have a good Summer.
 It's passing fast.
 Already half over.

Thanks for your visit.


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