Saturday, October 28, 2017

Autumn Colours

Autumn is a beautiful time of the year
 in this region of Eastern Quebec.
The leaves of the deciduous tree,
shrubs and plants change
to various shades of
red, yellow, orange 
 browns and greens.

I am sharing some photos
I've taken in the last few weeks.

An Ash Tree

This tree I planted from a little sapling 

Alder Bushes
are native to this region and 
grow wild in ditches and fields.
Their red stems are so pretty.
Their stems are nice for decorating,
contrasting against the snow in Winter.

Tamarack Trees

I love Tamarack Trees, 
a fast  growing deciduous tree.
Their delicate soft branches turn

 yellow in Autumn and
they become nude in Winter.

Tamarack Trees
in the sunlight,

Blackberry Bush

Barberry Bush

Pretty red scarlet berries

Rowan (pronounced Round) 
or Mountain Ash
before it looses its leaves.

The rowan berries are food 
for the birds in Winter.

They are plentiful in the woods in this 
region, also roadside and fields.

are native to the colder regions of
the Northern Hemisphere

They are so pretty covered in snow

Oak Tree Leaves
are so pretty and thick.

My little oak tree
 I've also planted from
a sapling.

Elderberry Shrub

Pear Tree

Hostas after the first frost.
I have a lot of hostas in my flower garden.
To view my collection, click here.

Amur Maple Tree
A small ornamental tree

Their leaves turn bright red

Staghorn/Sumac tree or shrub
I would like one of these.

I took this photo while
in the Eastern Townships
last month.
Sumac male and female parts are
 found on separate trees.

The conical fuzzy berry appear

 on female trees

Something else....

This fungi/mushroom below,
I found growing beside a stump.

After some research, 
I learned that it is a 
Phallus duplicatus, 
a netted stinkhorn or wood witch,
 a species of fungus in the stinkhorn family. 
Has a distinct netted universal veil.

It looks like it's wearing a beautiful lace skirt.
Nature is awesome.

There were two
growing side by side.

Autumn Sunsets 
are spectacular here.
This one is taken at the beach nearby.

Thanks for your visit. xo

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