Monday, November 28, 2022

November 2022

November started with my 
Christmas Cactus in bloom.

Then on the 5th
We had our first snow.

A magical transformation to see 
the property change from brown to white,
from dull to bright.

I did some decorations outside.
Used some pine,cedar, 
spruce and red alders from the woods.

In the barrel
red alders 

The Barberry bush with
lots of berries.
This bush is near my living room 
window and Robins enjoyed the berries.

Robins usually fly south
during the Winter.

Some males stay if  
there’s food around.
This guy is near the window 
so it was easy to get a close up pic.

More snow

My sister Annie and I 
bought snowshoes, and for 
the first time tried them out.



It’s nice to get outside 
and enjoy nature.

December is around the corner,
Time to start baking, shopping 
and decorating for Christmas.

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  1. Hi Thelma. You did get some snow! The first snow is so beautiful and what a treat to try out your new snowshoes. Looks like a lot of fun. We had a little snow just before Thanksgiving, but very little. Am hoping for more..Hope you are enjoying this beautiful season..xxoJudy

  2. Oh my! You certainly got the snow and winter thing going! Lots of wonderful images here but my favorite photo is all the feet together, looking down! It's very beautiful. Thanks for coming by the other day. I'm slow catching up after the holiday!

  3. Goodness I so love your photos----truly a winter wonderland..and that robin is amazing! Hope you have pleasant weather to enjoy your winter. We put up blow-ups outside in 30+ mph wind today...honestly it was crazy...twisted reindeer legs, everywhere! Sandi

  4. Anonymous12/14/2022

    Your snow is beautiful! I love skiing and snowshoeing!! Enjoy the snow!


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