Monday, January 9, 2023

Happy New Year 2023 and An Update On The Pickle Tradition.

 As we get older,
 each year seems to pass faster.

My daughter and her family
 visited for Christmas.
They had planned on skiing 
but we didn't have enough snow.
We had a green Christmas. 

To come up with some activities,
I planned to carry out the 
Christmas Pickle Tradition,
(a glass pickle hidden on the Christmas 
tree and Christmas morning whoever
 finds it receives a gift and 
goodwill for the New Year).
This year, I planned it 
in the different way.

The kids are now teenagers.
So I decided to make it more 
of a challenge and hide the pickle
on a tree outside, instead of on
a decorated tree inside.
They had to find the undecorated tree 
and I have a lot around the property, 
spruce, pine, tamarack, birch, etc;
find the hidden glass pickle and 
whoever finds it receives a prize.
(In a radius of 100ft from the house,
the land is approx. 1 mile long)

Sweet Sabrina, 
my Granddaughter,
 found it.

I also created another game.
I decorated another tree 
outside with red ornaments,
In a secluded area.

Whoever finds the tree and brings an
ornament back to the house,
receives a gift.

Matthew found it.
I forgot to take a pic of his gift.
It was a ski facemask.

High winds the previous day
blew off some ornaments.

with Suzanne and cute dog Pinot.

So the prize for the pickle finder,
Sabrina, was a "Polar Express Train"
It will look nice around a tree.

We did visit the beach
Its unusual not to have snow 
at this time of the year.

Water seeping out of the banks have frozen.

Suzanne found a nice 
piece of amber seaglass.
It could be the bottom of
a glass Javex bottle. 

My sister, Annie found a 
rare large piece of cobalt blue.
A piece of bottom from 
a Milk Of Magnesia bottle.

Erosion is eating away at the land 
caused from rising waters, high winds from 
storms, global warming.

We are losing ground.

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 "The Pickle Tradition", 
from years gone by,
by clicking here.

I also added more Christmas decoration
 photos on my previous post.
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Sadly, we lost our oldest sister Joyce this year.
We called her Joy, and that name suited her.
She was a Joy to everyone in the family. 💖
She will be missed.

I wish you all a Happy New Year
with joy, peace and good health also
may our world heal from diseases
and disasters.



  1. It looks as if you and your family had a lovely Christmas with lots of fun. The decoration honouring your sister, Joyce, is precious.

  2. I really like the pickle tradition- good idea putting it outside!

  3. Despite the lack of snow (here, too -- and we still don't have any) it looks like a fabulous Christmas. I really love how you do the pickle tradition and how you ramped it up this year. And the same with the decorated tree! Getting them out and an activity is really a great idea and that was a fun one! I'm going to remember that.

  4. Me encantó esa tradición. Saludos.


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