Saturday, October 11, 2008

Chestnut Trees

     The chestnut tree is one of the oldest and 
most renowned ornamental trees,
a stunning shade tree.
It can grow 40-50 ft. high. 
In late Spring it is laden with very showy 
large cone like flowers. Usually white. 
The pink flower is more rare.
It grows well in sun to partial shade.
Does not do well in dry location.
Pink Flowering Tree

White Flowering Tree

Large round prickly seedpods.

The seedpods release nuts in the fall.
The nuts are seeds to grow a new tree.

In Autumn

The large dark green leaves are 
long stalked and palmate, 
five to seven leaflets join to form one leaf, 
like outstretched fingers on a hand.
 Each leaf is up to 9 inches long.

A dried leaf

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