Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Night - Trick Or Treat

Lea and Sabrina friends - 2 princeses 

Suzanne's Carved Pumpkins

Mathieu - Looking at something Scary....

The Neighbours

A real live man

Not a live man

Other neighbours

My Favorite

Sabrina and Granny

The Haunted House
The Haunted House Grave Yard

The Mean Pumpkin

Mathieu getting ready to go out.

Sabrina- A Little Princess

It was a very nice evening for 
"trick or treating". 
The weather was mild.
 A lot of children with beautiful costumes. 
Suzanne and Martin went out 
with the children and their
 friends down the street.
I stayed home costumed as a 
pumpkin and gave out the treats. 
We closed the door after approx. 115
 treats were passed out. 
The highlight of the evening was
 a visit to the Haunted House close by.

A beautiful evening enjoyed by all.. ..

Thanks for your visit.


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