Sunday, October 25, 2015

Cutting Trees

These tall maple trees 
behind the house, 
had to be cut down.
Considering high winds, 
falling branches 
and other factors, 
 these beautiful trees had to go.
 5 trees had grown together.
Two were leaning East, (this way)
two North and one directly
leaning towards the house.
Dennis, an experienced woodsman,
 agreed to cut them
(My cousin's husband).
 The two leaning this way
 would have to fall  
between the buildings.

I was concerned for the Hayracker to the North.

Also the Strawberry Patch to the West

The wind is taken into consideration
 when cutting trees. 
Yesterday morning we had no wind.
Dennis and Dennis (his helper)
came to cut the trees.
The first tree is down
The tree is cut in stove size pieces and 
later split for winter's wood.
Most people in this region heat with wood.
 The wood has to dry at least a yr. before burning.

The second one is down.

Notching is an art.
It determines where the tree will fall.

A notch in the tree is made in the direction the tree is to fall.
Then the back is cut to make the tree fall.
It takes experience to become a good Notcher.

He knows all the tricks.

 Two down, 3 more to go.

The 3rd. one fell North. No damage done. 

3 down 2 more to go.

The 4th one fell North. No problems..
The 5th tree leaning towards the house was a concern.
Dennis put up a ladder to attach a cable
 and secured it to his tractor,
to pull the tree towards the north, and have it fall West;
instead of falling South on the house.
He examines the branches on the tree
 and notices that the most branches are on the South side,
 which puts more weight on that side of the tree.
a factor taken in consideration when cutting trees.

Can you see the cable?

The cable is secured to the tractor to pull 
it in the North direction.

Nice Tractor ~  1965 Massey Ferguson ~
the tree starting to fall....

A perfect fall.
Beside Strawberry Patch 
All 5 trees down in one hr.

The brown spot in the middle is the "Heart of the Tree"
and each ring is a year in the life of the tree.

If you look closely, you can see the circles in the wood. 
Each one represents a yr. in the growth of a tree. 
Nature is amazing!!

Loaded up

Leaves are raked up.
I put some in my flower garden and

covered my hostas for the winter.

Thanks to Dennis and Dennis
for a job well done.

thanks for visiting my blog xo

all pics are my sole original property

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