Monday, November 9, 2015

A Walk in The Woods

I like walking in the woods in the Fall
we can see through the trees
and the ground is covered with fallen leaves,
crunching under our feet;
spotting deer here and there.

My Brother's Camp

A place to warm up in Winter.

Trees have turned from lush green to red, yellow and orange.

Mossy green ground
Tamarack Trees,
One of my favourites.
their delicate soft branches
 turn yellow/orange
before becoming nude 
for the winter. 
Birds nests are easy to spot
White Birch 
the sound of woodpeckers pecking away.....
We can see far through the trees.
A Witch's Broom, a deformity in the tree on the right.
Some trees blown down
It is Hunting Season
Signs are posted to keep out Hunters
"French only"  signs allowed in this Province of Quebec, Canada
The sign reads:
No Passing
All our properties
are private in

 Large hay bails are placed to keep hunters' vehicles
 from entering this road.
No Hunting allowed
Hunting season is necessary to control wild life.
We are overpopulated with deer here,
which have caused a lot of road accidents.
However,  if you don't want hunters' activity on your property
signs must be posted. (Sometimes ignored)
Soon will be snow covered..

 thanks for your visit xo

all pics are my sole original property..

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