Thursday, June 21, 2018

Painted Buoys

We found these fishing buoys on beach,
over the years.

We find them mostly in the Springtime,
when lobster fishing is in season.

The fishermen use them to mark their territory.

They are light weight, 
mostly made out of styrofoam
and float on the water,
brightly coloured and numbered
to identify their buoys and locate their traps.

My sister Annie is staying with 
me for the Summer
 and she painted most of them.

The nautical stencils
We found at Walmart.

My son lives across Canada in Vancouver, B.C.
I found this one below, at a beach in Stanley Park. 
Made from some sort of plastic.
I painted it the color of their flag,
The British Columbia province flag.
Red, White, Blue, with a rising sun.

Some before photos

This one is very old and had
 been in the water a long time
I filled holes with polly filler.

We left the original numbers on this one

masking tape to paint the stripes

The second is very heavy.
It must have cement in it.
 Used to anchor something.

 We used paint from the Dollarstore.
Mostly, patio paint for exterior.

treasures of the sea....
Thanks to my sister Annie.
for her great painting talent.

Happy Summer everyone.

Thanks for your visit xo

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