Monday, July 2, 2018

Lilacs In A Teapot

The Lilacs are blooming.
It smells so good here.
I picked some lilacs to bring inside,
and used an old teapot for a vase.

I added other Spring china 
to my vignette theme.

Maytime Apple Blossoms ~ Shelley creamer and sugar.


Wild violets on this cup and saucer. 

Pretty saucer.

Markings on the bottom
 of the cup and saucer.

Teapot Lid.

There are no marking
 on this Victorian teapot.


This teapot belonged to St. Anne Church
 and has been used a lot over
 the years serving tea at a church functions.
The spout got broken and it was put in
a rummage sale. 
I bought it to use as a vase.
If it is turned as below,
the broken spout does not show.

Thanks for your visit xo.

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