Friday, March 29, 2019

My Lighthouses Have Been Featured.

It is always an honour and delight, to have
 one of my blog posts featured.

My post, The Lighthouses Of Gaspé,
 has been featured by Barb in her link-up party blog.

Share Your Style No. 201

I have been linking up to Barb's party,
for many years and I enjoy following her blog, 
as we have similar interests. 
She has been very busy lately, after 
recently moving from California to Texas, 
in her new beautiful home. 
I look forward to her home decor,
 her gardening and her many craft projects. 

Check out her blog by clicking here.

My blog post of The Gaspé Lighthouses,

was a long blog. 
I did in three parts as I shared our 
trip around the Gaspé Coast.

Below, I am sharing one photo of each Lighthouse, (14)
except the first one which has inspired me to do this blog.
 I share two photos of it, at Fauvel and Bonaventure.
  It has been moved, so I post it in both locations.
For more of the story, click here.

Thanks for visiting my blog and
 Happy Spring to you all and

To view my blog on The Lighthouses
 of The Gaspé, click here.


  1. Congratulations on been featured. A joy to see all the lighthouses.

  2. How nice! Your lighthouses are definitely worth a nice audience -- I hope lots of new people find you there!

    1. Thanks Jeanie. You're so sweet. xo

  3. I like visiting lighthouses--there is just something so old world romantic about them. The ones you photographed are all wonderful!

    1. Thanks Pat. They are all different in their own way. A part of our History. Happy Spring.

  4. Hi Thelma,Thanks for stopping over to visit my little farmhouse. This is a really nice post. I like the New Richmond one. I can just imagine how cool it would be to turn one of these light houses into a tiny house. Great photos.

  5. Thanks for your visit Tonita. That would be a great idea a tiny house, in a lighthouse. Also a good view of the sea.

  6. What an incredible post showcasing some amazing photos!! Congrats on the feature!! Thanks so much for stopping by..I hope you get your cataract surgery soon..


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