Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Part 2 ~ The Lighthouses of Gaspé

Welcome back.
to our Lighthouse Tour
around the Gaspé Peninsula.

If you missed Part 1, click here.

We continue our journey up the 
north shore of the Gaspé 
for 27km, to L'Anse à Valleau. 

We left Route 132 and took a descending
gravel road for 4 km in the woods,
to reach our next lighthouse.

~  Pointe-à-la Renommée Lighthouse ~

(translated in english..famous point)

Our first view of this beautiful lighthouse.

After parking in the parking lot,
We took the stairs down.

Lots of interesting history here.

The current lighthouse dates back
 to 1906 and was built adjacent
 to any existing earlier light date to 1880.

The light operated until 1975, 
when it was replaced by a solar powered 
steel tower erected in the nearby 
village of l"Anse à Valleau.

This lighthouse spent 20 years in Quebec City....

After years being closed and
 in state of decay, in 1977,
the lighthouse was dismantled
 and transported to the Old Port in Quebec City, 
where it was reassembled in 1981,
 and stayed as a kind of
 pier-side tourist attraction.

Some years later, a small fishing community near 
Pointe à la Renommée decided 
to launch a campaign to get their lighthouse back.
Led by three determined women, in 1997,
it was returned to its original location 
in L'Anse à Valleau and restored.

Stairway down to the lighthouse.

A contractor from France
 built the original lighthouse.

The first Marconi radio station in North America.
A Marconi Museum on site.

 We visited the Lighthouse.
A guide with a attitude, 
gave us a tour and a lot of information 
on the history of this site.

We climbed up to the tower.

The St. Lawrence at this point
 is about 50 miles across.
On a clear day,  
Anticosti Island is visible.
(Nice beach below)

Anticosti Island on the Map.

Back to the parking lot

on the road again...

 ~  Cap De La Madeleine Lighthouse ~

at L'Anse Pleureuse, Quebec.

Since 1907 ~ A reinforced concrete tower. 


Sabrina, Mathieu and Annie.

For a small fee, 
we climbed to the top of the lighthouse

Spectacular view!
A nice beach below.

A Museum 

The keepers house is a restaurant and gift shop

On to our next lighthouse.....


 ~ La Martre Lighthouse ~

The light dating back to 1906 
is active and maintained by the town of La Martre.

A 19 meter high red wooden tower.

The keepers house  ~ a museum and gift shop 

Open to tourist visits.
The guide was not available when we were there.

On the road again....

To be continued.

Join me for Part 3. 
as we continue on The Lighthouse Trail,
with more beautiful and unique lighthouses,
each with its own personality,
history and legend.

Part 3,  click here to view.

Thanks for your visit xo.


  1. Good morning, Thel! I am so glad you linked your lighthouse trek this week! I found it right off as I was looking at posts for Share Your Style. Lighthouses are fascinating, aren't they? I have only been to a few over the years along the California coastline and I remember visiting one in Hawaii as a kid with my family but don't remember where it was or I'd share it with you and your readers (so anyone could visit).

    Very cool travel post and I am featuring this post as my #1 feature for next week's SYS!! Hope you have a great weekend and I hope spring is beginning to pop up in your gardens and along your roadways.

    Barb :)

    1. Thanks Barb for featuring me. It was my year for visiting lighthouses last yr. I flew across Canada to visit my son and his family in Vancouver and we visited 2 lighthouses. I will blog them later. I love lighthouses. I think it's because I grew up with one shining it's light in our upstairs window.


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