Sunday, June 30, 2019

Flower Garden Tour

It's been a while since my last blog post. 
Time sure passes fast.

I'm sharing some photos of my flower garden.

We've had a cold Spring and a lot of rain,
here in Eastern Quebec which accounts for
late blooming. 

I have a perennial garden with 
different flowers blooming all over Summer.
I'm sharing some photos of flowers in bloom, 
at the present time.

A new plant in my garden. 
They are beautiful, but poisonous.
They come in a variety of colours
and can grow up to 6 ft. tall. 
Used in prescription drugs,
digoxin, most commonly used
 for congestive heart failure.

A biennial plant.
I'm hoping it will reseed.


 Red Oriental Poppies
I was disappointed with the colour 
When I bought it last year,
the card displayed a Pink Poppy.

Nevertheless, it's pretty.
 beside the old hayraker.

 Shieldleaf gave birth to a new baby.

I don't know the name of this plant.
A good ground cover that turns orange in the Fall.
Can anyone help me identify it?

The lilacs are in flower.

They small so nice.

White Lilacs

Lupins also

Purple and Yellow combination.

I'm redid my Mini Hosta Garden.
I bought a "Mini Hosta Collection"  from Vessey's Seeds co.
in P.E.I. around 15 yrs. ago and it was time to divide them.

And here it is finished.

Red Bleeding-hearts 
I'm surprised it came back this yr.
Bleeding-hearts usually don't come back for me.

The Irises are flowering also.


Siberian Iris

Only one of the White Allium,
(a Spring flower),
made an appearance  this year.

Purple ones, smaller than usually,
probably because of the cold Spring.
The white flower is "Snow In Summer".
We had enough last Winter. LOL.

Jacob's Ladder.

A gift the year my Grandson Jacob
was born. ~ 9 yrs. ago.

Painted buoys displayed.
Collected from the beach nearby.
To view a past blog on Painted Buoys,
click here.

A driftwood creature.
To view how I rescued SeaBiscuit,
click here.

Stone path

Honeysuckle tree in flower.

I started this tree from a branch yrs. ago.
A fast growing tree.
It's flowers turn to berries for the birds to eat.

My little vegetable garden.
I'm late in planting it.
Green and Yellow beans,
I have to be selective at what
I plant because of the deer and other wildlife visits.

I planted a variety of Geraniums 
in my terracotta pots this year.
A change from Nasturtiums in the previous year.

Rowan trees (Mountain Ash)
have a lot of blossoms 

Chives in flower. 

I hope you've enjoy my little tour.
I'll be back as more flowers blossom.

"Whoever makes a garden
Has, oh, so many friends;
The glory of the morning,
The dew when daylight ends.
For wind and rain and sunshine
And dew and fertile sod
And he who makes a garden
Works hand in hand with God."

Author unknown.

Thanks for visiting my blog xo.


  1. You have a lovely garden, Thelma. Thanks for the tour.

    1. Thanks Kiki for the nice comment.

  2. Spring was very cold here, also. We've had two weeks of seasonal weather and everything is catching up quickly. It will be fun to see you post in 2-3 weeks...when it is bursting in blooms and leaves.

    1. Thanks for your visit Sandi. Yes, a perennial garden changes as most of the flowers in blossoms, don't last very long. I will post more later. Have a great Summer.

  3. Thank you for this amazing tour!

  4. You have a beautiful garden with a stunning array of colour bursting out everywhere.

  5. hi Thelma
    I really enjoyed the tour of your garden it was ab

    1. Thanks Carol. See you in August. xo

  6. Thank you for the tour of your lovely garden. So pretty!

  7. Wow, such lovely flowers. I especially love the irises. Thanks so much for sharing at the Weekend Blog Hop at My Flagstaff Home. --Jennifer


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