Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Dave Is Back

It's been very dry here in the Gaspé, Eastern Canada.
No rain in the month of June and August
and very little in July.
Gardens and crops suffered.
We had no birds at the feeder all Summer.
They probably stayed in the woods near
lakes where it was cooler and a water source.

Dave the dove, appeared today.

The last few day, the birds are slowing returning.
I keep water close-by the feeders.

Mourning doves usually come in pairs.
They mate for life.

For many years we had this couple come to the feeder.
We named them Dave and Doris.

The last few years, Dave comes alone. 
What happened to Doris, we'll never know.

So happy to see Dave and

he looks happy to be back.


He forages though the hosta garden

 below the feeder, digests food while resting.

Their primary diet is mostly seeds.


My photos are taken through the window.
We had a downpour of rain today.
The most we've had all Summer.


Another visitor today...

a Bluejay. 

He didn't stay long, gobbled up food and left.

This year 2020,  is not a good year.

Will life ever be the way it was?

Thanks for your visit 💖

Stay well and stay safe. 


  1. It is nice to see Dave back again, Maybe Doris will come back soon . Love your blogs Thel . Hoping to see more .💖💖

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Thanks Annie. I don't think we'll ever see Doris again. She's gone to bird heaven. LOL....

  2. Your photographs are excellent. Dave the dove looks so calm and sweet. I didn't realize they mated for life. We used to have a spruce tree in our front yard and the doves always built a pitiful nest in almost the same spot in the tree. It was right over the sidewalk, I always walked fast as I went under that nest if there was a dove or babies in there. I didn't want a little dove surprise on me from above. They nested there year after year. I imagine that the same dove family returned to that tree for generations. The doves had one side of the tree and the robin family had the other side of that tree. It was a birdie duplex. It made me so sad when I noticed that the tree was starting to lean to one side more and more, to the point we had to call a tree cutter. When they cut the spruce down it was totally rotted out at the roots and was hollow to about 7 inches above the ground. There was a big soggy hole under the tree where roots should have been. It was a good thing we cut it down when we did. It would have fallen on the house in a strong wind, or maybe even just on its own. I still see what I think are our dove generations coming to our yard.

  3. So nice to see the photos of Dave back with you. 2020 is indeed a very strange year hopefully, things can only get better.

  4. 2020 has been awful, hasn't it. I don't suppose life will ever be as it was before COVID. Your Dave is a sweet fellow. Such lovely photos of him. I wonder what happened to Doris?? He must make you smile each time he visits your lovely place. How wonderful for you to receive a downpour of rain, to make everything glisten and seem fresh.

  5. We have three pairs of doves here...and they are the sweepers of the bird piazza. Always down on the ground and cleaning up. They are quite tame, as I have always talked to them, and they don't seem to mind if I pull a few weeds nearby. Lovely photos, I know our 4 water sources here have kept our birds close by...that is so important to keep them fresh and clean. Hugs, Sandi!

  6. I LOVE it that you name your birds. I do, too. Dave is a great name. Dave and Doris -- and the photos are wonderful. I'm glad he's back.

    I know what you mean about 2020 -- just when you think it can't get much worse, it does.

  7. Those names are very cute .. but it is sad when you see only one of them come back ... we have a three'some , we have no idea what that is about .. sometimes we call them the three stooges .. but they are so sweet you have to love them. I know how notorious they are as very bad nest builders .. we have seen it happen a lot.
    I just don't understand why .. a genetic defect ? .. I do hope ours come back too .. along with the Goldfinches .. they seem to have taken a vacation away from our feeders as well.
    Your pictures are great even from inside !


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