Saturday, September 19, 2020

Perce Rock 2020 - The Effects Of Climate Change.

 Last week my sister Annie and I
took a Staycation and visited 
Percé Rock, a 2 hr. drive from home.
There's been a lot of tourists in the Gaspe region
 this Summer, partly because the Maritime provinces
 have closed their borders to tourists, during the pandemic.

The effects of climate change has caused
 a lot of damage to Percé's coastline,
Thankfully, most of it has been repaired or rebuilt.

A tower gives a view of the boardwalk and surroundings.

The boardwalk has been rebuilt and
 a new wharf is in the process of being finished.

We climbed the 55 stairs.

The view from above.

Beautiful view all around!


Bonaventure Island
in the distance.
A bird sanctuary,

At the present time, no one lives on this Island.
In the 70's the Quebec Gov't evicted 35 families,
The expropriated land became a national park.

Boat tours are available to the Island.

At the bottom of the next photo, a boat
got into the photo...photobombed.

A close view of the rock from the new wharf.
Below a boat of scuba divers. 


We followed a beaten path,
 around the construction fence 
and walked out on the new wharf/dock,
still under construction.
They were not working on Saturday.

The new wharf will be completed
 around the the end of September.

Bigger and better

Will this wharf stand the "test of time"

Reinforcements on each side.
The wharf turns toward the Rock at the end.

Annie and I

On the cliff...  
 Villa Frederick-James built in 1888.
An American painter built his residence on this cliff, 
attracting artists from around the world. 
Presently owned by Laval University, Quebec,
and used for courses, conferences, etc.

Scuba divers

The rocks, the wharf...

We visited the stores.
Got this photo for Caroline, my niece...😃

A beautiful part of our country.💓

We had a great day!

Thanks for your visit xo


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  1. It was a great Day😊 love it all Can't wait to go back and visit BONAVENTURE Island. Thanks Sister Thelma for the wonderful Day at Perce Que.A Beautiful place to visit the Gaspe coast💖

  2. Wow -- what a beautiful spot. It looks brisk, too! And the views are fabulous. It is sad to see the effects of climate change on a gorgeous place like this. When will we ever learn?

  3. How wonderful for you and your sister to enjoy a staycation together; and, what a glorious part of the world in which to enjoy it. Gorgeous photos of stunning scenery. I must say I am in love with that old house on the cliff. How fabulous it would have been to live there overlooking the wide blue sea.

  4. What a wonderful staycation, it looks like a beautiful place to visit. I love the idea of living on the Island, living on a small Island myself.

  5. I think it was an earlier post of yours, when your family went out on the 'rock'...amazing photos, so clear the air. In Chicagoland we actually have the fire hazes from California and the Northwest. What a gorgeous area you live in, so beautiful...I hope we can visit sometime! Sandi in Chicagoland

  6. Oh, Thelma, what a beautiful spot in this world. Your photos are magnificent. Couldn't you just imagine living in the house on the rock in a raging storm. A scene right out of Wuthering Heights..Stay well..xxoJudy

  7. WOW! What a scenic spot!

    Love the fabulous photos!


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