Sunday, May 23, 2021

Spring Life ~ 2021

 It's been a year since the 
pandemic invaded our world.
Things are looking better. We have
 a vaccine and the cases are going down.
I've had my first shot and scheduled
  for the second in August.
Looking forward to visiting family
and having get-togethers again,
hopefully by next year or sooner.

Spring flowers have started 
blossoming, life's awakening here, 
in the Gaspé, Eastern Quebec.
I am sharing some photos
of my garden and everyday life.

Checkered Lilies
For some reason a white one appeared this year.


Mini Daffodils

Bethlehem Sage.

These ground sedum are early flowering this year.

"Nothing soothes the soul like a walk on the beach"

The sound of sea life and waves.

My roots began at the beach. 

Huge trees have washed ashore from Fall storms.
Probably from New Brunswick, across the Bay.

We played a lot,  growing up on this beach.
I am the second from the right.

We collect seaglass.
A blue piece, is a rare piece.

My sister Annie's treasure.

It was only 10 deg. C. this day.

We have a large selections of wild birds here.



The birdhouse was a gift
from Carol and Peter.

We had some potatoes sprouting.
Annie planted them.
Just for the fun of it. 

We are still having frost here at night.


Whoever makes a garden

Has oh so many friends:

The glory of the morning,

The dew when daylight ends,

And rain and wind and sunshine,
And dew and fertile sod,
For he who makes a garden
Works hand in hand with God.
~Author Unknown...

Happy Spring 
Thanks for your visit 💜


  1. It is nice to be back home, Love beach combing, and helping Sister Thelma with weeding and putting in a garden, Everything is waking up for spring. We are finish our quarantine and now can go food shopping.

  2. Will I was not finish writing and it publish it self.Hope we all have a nice safe summer 💖💖

  3. Thanks Annie. Freedom!!

  4. Loving your early Spring photos....and gorgeous bird, seashore. Here's to warmer temperatures...they have finally arrived in Chicagoland. Thanks for sharing, Sandi

    1. Thanks for your visit Sandi. Happy Spring!

  5. Thelma these are great pictures .. and I began my memories walking the beach on the edge of Cape Breton Island , in Louisbourg .. I miss it every day .. having travelled all over Canada and living in the Netherlands for 4 years .. you would think I would be satisfied ? LOL
    I am a huge daffodil fan .. you have some lovely ones there along with the other Spring bulbs (and I thought we were slow with Spring ? LOL) .. Love seeing all your birds as well !

  6. Thelma, what beautiful flowers and I would love to find a piece of sea glass. I grew up at the ocean but never found any. I guess I wasn't looking for it then. It is so nice that the world is opening up again, although we have had so many setbacks that it is almost hard to be too optimistic. California will be all opened by the middle of June. It is our daughter's birthday next week so we are hoping to make the trip down..Enjoy the spring..xxoJudy

  7. lovely post :) have a nice day .

  8. Beautiful blue sea glass, such a pretty find. Strolls in your beautiful garden and walks along the seashore.....sounds as if your days are perfect. Gorgeous photos!

  9. I am so glad you have had your vaccine and things are looking up. How wonderful to be with family again, isn't it? And every photo is fabulous. I have never seen a checkered lily before. They're gorgeous and so interesting!


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