Monday, September 12, 2022

Paddington And The Queen

 The world is in mourning with 
the passing of our Queen,  
her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.
A remarkable lady who gave
her life of service to the people.
May she rest in peace, eternally reunited 
with her husband, Prince Philip.

You have probably seen the comical skit with 
Paddington Bear and the Queen Elizabeth
 having tea, during celebrations,
 for her 70 yrs of service.

My black china collection.

I'm sharing my little story,
hope you enjoy it.

When visiting London during 2018,
we used the underground/metro a lot,
passing Paddington Station.
I had never heard of
 Paddington Bear.

On our flight home, the Paddington 
movies were playing on the airplane.
My daughter encouraged me
to watch them. 

That same year before Christmas;
I usually mail across Canada to my
Grandsons, their Christmas gifts and
include a stuffed animal with it.
I searched for Paddington Bears 
and couldn't find any.
We were deep in the Pandemic,
the world had shut-down and 
 we were limited to services.
 So I send substitute bears.

In the mail, Christmas Eve, 
I receive this adorable bear from   
my niece, Linda in Mississauga.
Such a delight and surprise,
 that I could blog about him,
Although I wish it were in happier
times and not the passing of
Her Majesty, our Queen.  

A gift from my niece, Linda

Paddington is a live action
animated film. (fairy tale)
The story of a Peruvian bear
who  arrived in London on
a cargo ship and finds himself
 lost in Paddington Station and the
bear is taken home by a British family
and given the name Paddington Bear,
after the Paddington Station.

He experiences a lot of misadventures,
trying to avoid a museum taxidermist.
A movie enjoyed by children and adults.


With a heavy heart we say our
final farewell and thank you to
our Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

I also want to wish our new king,
  King Charles III
best wishes as starts his reign.
Long live the King.

Thanks for your visit.



  1. I adored the Queen and her death makes me terribly sad. I love your Paddington vignette and wonderful story. That was such a delight during the Jubilee to see her with Paddington. Your partner in remembering...jeanie

  2. Anonymous9/13/2022

    Thanks Jeanie. It's so nice to hear from you. xo

  3. Such a sweet bear and tribute!

    1. Anonymous9/22/2022

      Thanks Bernideen.

  4. Beautiful tribute!
    The Queen was an extraordinary woman, wasn't she? 👑
    Love the cute bear!

  5. In the memorial garden containing people's tributes were many Paddington Bears of different styles ...I think you'd have enjoyed seeing them.

    1. Anonymous9/22/2022

      Wish I could have been there!


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