Wednesday, November 28, 2018

November In Gaspé

Winter came early this year,
in Eastern Canada.
November has been cold, windy, and lots of snow.
Today is milder with heavy wet snow falling.

My sister Annie and I took a walk in the woods.
It's so peaceful and calm in the woods in Winter. 

A little bridge



A tree uprooted from heavy winds.
And many others in the woods.
We had 110km/hr. winds lately.


Young trees
I planted from little saplings.

Animal Tracks.
Maybe a fox..

Red alders are so pretty again the white snow.

West wind.

The old hayracker in Winter



The Baie des Chaleur in the front.

 A bird nest

 The backyard
 Tall birdhouses.
Blue Jays birthed in them last Spring.
Annie removing heavy snow of the Greenhouse.

The road department removing heavy snow 
from the wires, heavy ice causes them to sag
 and become too low.

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