Thursday, August 29, 2019

Breakfast At The Hamilton Manor

This morning, I took my sister Annie out
 for breakfast to celebrate her birthday, 
 at the Hamilton Manor
 in New Carlisle, Quebec.

The Hamilton Manor is a historic mansion, 
built in 1852 and has been converted 
into a Bed and Breakfast.

It features Palladian architecture with
 English Neoclassical influences.
There are 8 fireplaces within.

We were seated in this beautiful dining room
 surrounded with 19th century furnishings.

Me, my cousin Gloria, and Annie.

I had oatmeal pancakes. 
served with maple syrup, fruit and 
the cute eggcup filled with yogurt.,
topped with a raspberry and mint.

Happy Birthday Annie. 

Also a selection of homemade jams.
Rhubarb, Strawberry and Raspberry.

Castles in British, English chinaware
on the buffet.
(My favourite chinaware)

The original furnishing are in the Manor.

The front dining room.
My photos are dark, my flash wouldn't work,
my phone was low on battery.

Our charming hostess and owner, 
Nicole let us visit upstairs.
She has 6 bedroom that are rented 
 out during the Summer months
Very clean and well decorated with antiques.
She was booked up completely all Summer.

A winding staircase .

The beds were not made up 
because some guests just left.

Some history of the Hamilton Manor.

from: Gaspésian Heritage WebMagazine.

The Hamilton Manor was built by John Robinson Hamilton,
Hamilton was a Member of the Legislative Assembly
 of Lower Canada, 
representing Bonaventure County, from 1832-1834.
He served again in the Parliament 
of the United Province of Canada from 1841-44.

A lawyer by profession, 
Hamilton was born in Quebec City in 1808 and 
moved to New Carlisle in 1830. 
Hamilton Manor was home to 
several generations of his descendants.
In later years, it was converted to a hotel and
 then a summer residence.
Today, it is a bed and breakfast.

When I stopped by the Hamilton Manor, 
to reserve yesterday,
I was greeted by these girls......

The photos outside, I took yesterday.
It's a good thing because 
today, it is pouring rain.

The Manor is currently for sale. 

I hope you enjoyed the visit to
 this magnificent mansion in New Carlisle.

Thanks for your visit xo

Another historial home in New Carlisle.
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  1. I'd say your sister is a very lucky woman to be treated at such a gorgeous restaurant. A belated happy birthday to her!

  2. And what a yummy Breakfast is was,I felt like royalty at THIS long table set so Beautifully, I enjoyed the company of my Sister Thelma and my cousin Gloria, Hoping to go back next year to this wonderful manor. Thanks Thelma for a lovely Birthday.😊♥️♥️♥️

  3. Oh, goodness, how lovely. Don't you just love historic places...our favorite here is to visit Galena, Illinois--hometown of President Ulysses S Grant. Love the white bedrooms, and all the furnishings. Your breakfast looks delicious! I hope you had fun.

    1. Thanks Sandi for your visit. It was a nice outing.

  4. This is lovely! Chickens; how charming! Annie is very blessed to have a sister like you, Thelma. Breakfast looks delicious. I enjoy pancakes any time. The historic house is beautiful and makes such a lovely spot for tea time. Happy Birthday to Annie! Joy to you...Sandi

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