Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Canoeing For The First Time...

My daughter and family
 were visiting and
 had reserved with Cime Adventure,
and planned to canoe
 down the Bonaventure River,
on a short 2 hr. excursion.

I live close to this river,  and
 have never canoed down it.
Actually, I have never canoed ever.

After some persuading, I agreed to go with them,
if I sat in the middle of the canoe and didn't paddle.
This was a short 2 hr. trip.

Canoes and Kayaks owned by Cime Adventure, Bonaventure.
Cime Adventure offer a variety of touristic activities. 

The Bonaventure River is an Atlantic Salmon River.

One of the cleanest, clearest rivers in the world.

Me, and Sabrina, my granddaughter,
 Martin, son-in-law, 
Suzanne, daughter
 and Mathieu, my grandson. 

Martin and Mathieu
testing the depth of the water.

I'm not a great swimmer,
I was relieved,  it was so shallow.

I test it for myself.

I'm short and the water wasn't to my knees.

Spectacular view, in a black spruce forest.

There were some small rapids which added 
thrills and  fun to the trip. 

The river is very shallow most of the trip 
except for a few salmon pools.

Cristal clear waters

Martin, Sabrina, 
and Mathieu

We stop along the way
for a break.

Enjoying the view.

Mathieu, my grandson.
He started High School, this week.

Mathieu and Sabrina.
The rest of our group behind.

Chris, Dominic, Isobel and Sophie.

Under bridges,

Below, here I am at the front of the canoe....paddling,

It got very windy at this point, near the end of our trip, 
 and we had the wind against us. 

I paddled to help Suzanne reach the dock. 
I must admit that at times 
we were going in circles or
 in the wrong direction,
because of my poor paddling skills.

With Suzanne's guidance we made it to the dock.
Fortunately, she is an experience canoer.

Exhausted and hungry, 
we stop at the chalet for lunch.

On their menu, along with other dishes, 
a large selection of "Poutines".
Quebec is famous for it's Poutines.

A lot of fun and a great experience
 and adventure, with family and friends.

Thanks for your visit xo.


  1. Oh, Golly! This sure brought back a lot of memories. We actually built a wooden canoe when the moved to our lake community. LOL, it was too heavy to carry two blocks to the lake. When stored at one of the parks it was damaged and then we gave up, and went for a boat. Your trip looks extremely safe and lovely---a great family activity!

  2. That sounds like so much fun! We like to do things like this when we go on vacation. So far we have kayaked, tubed, and gone canoeing down different natural springs.


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