Monday, August 12, 2019

Visiting Grand Manan Island & It's 3 Lighthouses

A small island in the Bay of Fundy,
beautiful beaches, friendly people and
 surrounded by unspoiled nature.

Grand Manan is close to the
 Gulf of Maine, U.S,A, 
 on the Atlantic Coast. 

I went with my daughter and family 
and sister Annie. for a day trip to the Island.
We took a ferry from Blacks Harbour, New Brunswick,

 1 1/2 hr. ferry crossing,

Whale watching and other
 marine sea life from on deck.
Suzanne was allowed to bring
Cute Dog Pinot, as long as they
stayed on deck.

As we approach the Island,
 we have a fantastic view of
Swallowtail Lighthouse

We had lunch at "Food For Thought".
Homemade, healthy food.

Annie and I had chicken wraps,
with fresh fruit for dessert.

We drove to the South tip of the Island
 and visited our first lighthouse.

Southwest Head Lighthouse.

Built on a cliff

Rugged coastal beauty

High cliffs

We visit some beaches on the way.

Beautiful beaches

Snail Crossing


Next lighthouse at the North end of the Island.
Long Eddy Point Lighthouse built on a tree covered cliff.

We were lucky there was no fog....

A helipad pad
A good place for whale watching.



Our 3rd and last Lighthouse...
Swallowtail LightStation 
The first and largest lighthouse 
built on the Island,

Accessible by a long boardwalk,
 suspension bridge,
 and stairways.

The beginning of the descent to the suspension bridge.

Suzanne went first.

Martin watching, wondering if
both grannies, (Annie and I)
would make the descent.

Spectacular view 

fish farms.

Orange  lichen

Cross the footbridge to the lighthouse

A peek inside

It's nice to see the N.B. Flag.

Resting and enjoying the view.
whale watching

The foghorn bell 

stairway to the foghorn bell.

the footbridge from the lighthouse


We drove back,  to get the ferry to the mainland.

 We did visit some souvenir shops. 
A large selection of beautiful things.

 Fishing buoys are popular for
 decoration on the Island.

Goodbye to a lovely Island 
and we head back to the mainland.

A day to remember
on this quiet, peaceful,
and lost in time, Island. 

Other sites we visited in New Brunswick, Canada...
A  lovely horticultural garden .... Kingsbrae Gardens ~ St. Andrews.

and a charming picturesque seaside town..

Thanks for visiting my blog xo.

We also visited Kingsbrae Gardens, 
click here, to view.


  1. Rick never took photos when he biked around the Bay of Fundy and I'm so delighted that now I can see this glorious spot through your eyes and beautiful camera work. It's cold, gray and gloomy here in Michigan today -- so these are all the more welcome!

    Thanks for stopping by to visit me yesterday. A big smile when I saw your name!

    1. We awoke to snow this morning. It's nice to look back on my summer photos. Thanks for your visit. xo

  2. WOW!! What a beautiful post filled with so many wonderful photos!! That chicken wrap looked lovely and I can not tell you how much I LOVE that red park bench!! So cute!! Thanks so much for stopping by!!

    1. Thanks Debbie. I love the bench also. Have fun decorating. My cataract surgery is scheduled for the 19th of this month, so I'm anxious to put that behind me and see better. Thelma xo.

  3. Hi Thel I really enjoyed this Blog about the lighthouses they were all beautiful thanks for sharing


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